Bad Drivers And Cat Fighters

Police in the border city of Lahore have reported a steep rise in automobile accident related cat fighting incidents. Speaking to the Non Violence Armada police sources quoted a total of 39 cat fights due to traffic accidents during this June as opposed to 7 such cat fights last year. Are we becoming more violent as a nation or have women finally broken the yoke of male domination and decided that it is ok to have fist fights on the streets of our cities. After all, if men can do it, then why cant women. One cat fighter with badly mangled hair was quoted as saying “We have endured too many violent fights between men on the streets, why must we feel ashamed at showing our true feelings in this twenty first century?”

The increased level of inherent violence in our society does raise questions? Is a good hair pulling match necessary if someone overtakes you and parks in your space right infront of your nose? Or; do people have to express themselves infront of people who like to honk their horns a lot? A student of Insect Sociology at the Lahore Zoological University has told us that “Even in Ants it is considered culturally acceptable to pull out someone’s arms if they break your traffic lane.” We must learn from the other species in our midst. But on the other hand the ‘Moms Against Violence’ spokeswoman has said that our coming generations must be taught to internalize anger and rather than turning anger into violence they should realize that their fathers have failed them as role models. But of course that is a rather subjective approach to the problem and might lead to confusion and even psychosis in some cases.

The police are saying that the actual reason for the increased levels of violence is not anger or irritation at fellow drivers. According to police psychological breakdowns of most cat fighters the real reason for this violence is the manifestation of the internalized hatred and pent up anger against “selfish men who just do not listen to us and sit in front of the television for hours without even blinking”. Police were also very quick to note that despite it’s negative connotation, catching a cat fight in progress was one of the most beautiful experiences that they have been through. One officer who has apparently not experienced a cat fight sniffed rather loudly upon hearing this and hid behind a taller co worker.

Altamash Hai Khan, Karachi Times

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