Good Friends Are Bad Friends

Work, life and more.

After talking to a very intellectually sound and intelligent friend I got to thinking about friendship. Previously I was a good friend, I was there for people, I used to enjoy their company and I was ready to give financial assistance on low interest rates. I consider this a good friend. And then there are bad friends. People who tell you they are ill and will not be able to spend time with you, but, when you go to the coffee house with your sister they are sitting there with a group of people and rather than being the boring and excessive quiet person you know them to be they are very excited, talkative and animated throughout the evening. People who will show up and spend excessive amounts of time with you, blabbing on about themselves, and when you meet them the next time they tell you to stand a bit farther away so other people don’t see you two together. Bad friends. A dime a dozen.

Nowadays, due to pressure from work I get less time. Add to this the fact that the Pakistani media has taught me a very specific version of what is cool and acceptable and interesting. And to top all this off, I am a banker. So, I have become a bad friend. Recently this had become a cause for concern and soul searching. And then, enter my very intellectually sound and intelligent friend.

His take on friendship is that good friends make you dependent on them. So you do not make any other friends. And of course, you become boring and stupid with time. But, bad friends lead you to a life long search for friendship. You end up making lots of friends, good and bad; and you learn from them; and you become interesting; and you have good jokes; and you have good stories; and you have so many people to take loans from.

So, through the miracle of a sycophantic intellectual friend and excessive rationalization of internal evils, I am a bad friend, hence a good friend.

I just love the way the human mind works.

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