Hitchhiking And Grabbing A Lift

Work, life and more

Fact: the sun rises from an eastern direction. Fiction: Women should be allowed to work. Fact: I am quite stupid for not buying a car as soon as I sold me previous one. Fiction: all cars are created equal and should be treated as such. Fact: it becomes increasingly difficult to hitch a ride with friends as your non car owner status progresses with time. Fiction: when people say “no, no, it is ok” they actually mean it. Fact: This post will pose a threat to my well being. Fiction: people take jokes as jokes and do not react irrationally.

It is a generally accepted social norm that people who work need to buy a new car as soon as they sell their old car – and not spend months thinking about completing the process. Breaking of these social norms will lead even the most respectable of citizens into difficult situations.

I had recently had an experience of this kind. One calls friend A, who having decided that “Who needs to work so much anyways?” is on a vacation in Hyderabad. One calls friend B, who says he is at another office farther away, but, is actually sleeping at home. One calls friend C, who is already being given a ride by someone who he does not get along with and he feels that asking for another ride along would mean a rather extreme level of pressure on the relationship. Finally you call friend D, who is getting a ride from friend R, and they agree to take you along, despite your odd and generally irrational behaviour. And then you learn that friend S is also going with you. So there is a car that one has to share with three women.

Visions of long conversations about clothing fabrics, shoe colours and emotional relationships haunt the average man as he walks to the car. And to top it all off, someone has hit the car, the driver ends up getting very angry, and taking it out on the steering wheel and the accelerator. But, it turns out that women actually talk about the same things men talk about. And, with frantic drivers, overly talkative women and a scared guy in a car, one actually experiences a very good drive home. But, kids, please don’t try this at home, this is only to be attempted by professionals with years of experience.

And, to top it all off, Habib Wali Muhammad is not nearly as good as generally considered.

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