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Pakistanis are a nation that loves bigotry. Ethnicity, religion, language, colour, caste, creed, tea condiments, colour of clothing, and cities. We love to differentiate. And we love to be bigoted against all possible things different from us. Of course we are a nation that moves with the times and keeps itself abreast of current affairs. Recently the most major basis of bigotry is the differences between Islamabad and Karachi.

Recently heard in an overly air conditioned Karachi drawing room “Isloo is so boring, typically Isloo yar, they are boring even in their rioting and general public madness levels. This is exactly why I did not marry my daughter off to Isloo”. There was a gentleman from Islamabad. And he,  rather be damned then let people from the traffic nightmare of a city say anything against his beautiful garden of a city. He shot back “I think this is very unfair, we are only trying to learn what you have become good at through practice”. This slightly altercation led to a large number of people jumping into the conversation and talking about things completely unrelated to topic yet completely unimportant at the same time. Weather, shoes, chocolate and of course Baklava.

Violence averted, the party moved on to gorge on delectable Chicken Tikkas and spicy Haleem. Some of the people thought that they heard someone say “If this were Isloo the food would have tasted better”. Again, violence was averted because they opened up the Kulfi corner. A large group of Pakistanis showed that they love health destroying foods more than bigotry. Clarity at last!

And adding a bit of personal bigotry to this post. People of Islamabad – you are just not cool enough for massive public psychosis and rioting!!!

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