Finally. The weight of unfulfilled desires and broken dreams fills my lungs. Conforming to the deepest truths within oneself at odds with the rules of conformity of our society. The continuous fear and forboding of the possibility of hurting others around oneself. A life of continued uselessness stretches ahead of me like an unending serpentine railway track. There is a disappointment linked to the past, the present and the future. All that there is. And there is only one solace. That the destruction of my life will give satisfaction to others that however much I lived I lived to their rules. But, alas if only even in that dying ember of a solace, I were to be satisfied that they will think my rules to have some weight, but no. All is lost and still there is not even a small victory.

And I sink deeper into oblivion with every hour, every day and every week. And I move closer to insanity with every hour, every day and every week.

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