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The human brain is an amazing organ. It contains, at the same time, the seats of knowledge, thought and stupidity. Recent studies at the Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences in Vienna have shown that the human brain goes through a moment of creativity once in a period of thirty eight hours and seven minutes. During this period of creativity the general environment of the subject determines the length and depth of the state of being creative. After this discovery the research team had an argument on the basis of evolution and cognitive development and the team split into two schools of though. The constraint school proposed that the basis of the moment of creativity was indeed to break out of inhibited situations. The progress school proposed that the true reason for the moment of creativity was to grow further. Both the teams decided to conduct further experiments in separate facilities.

After publishing of thirty seven research reports, printing of seventeen thousand five hundred and twelve pages, and exchanges of two hundred and eighty seven emails both the sides are in complete deadlock. There is no agreement on what truly constitutes a moment of creativity and more contentiously, what causes it. The Trade Minister of Finland had the following remarks on the ongoing argument, “As long as they keep importing our timber, I have no problems with this argument. But, I think these scientist guys should check out my in-laws. They don’t seem to have any moments of creativity at all.” During a televised survey from Tiananmen Square in Beijing one of the respondents said “Constraint or progress, we are all still people, why can’t we just learn to get along.”

This argumentative confused madness pushed me towards thinking about myself. All of a sudden I was pushed deep into the mire of my existence; desperately looking for the answers to my being. I wanted to know who and what I was. I wanted to know why I am what I am. I wanted to know everything. I started reading. I started watching television. I started conversing with people on a regular basis. I started to meditate. But nothing helped. The elusive self was running away from me as fast as I wanted to run towards it. There were no answers. Just more questions. I was finally about to be smothered by the rising tide of questions and an absolute lack of clarity. It was then that the truth dawned on me.

I was watching a documentary by Jerry Seinfeld on his show “Seinfeld”. A snippet of a sentence caught my attention. For the past one week I have been thinking about it intensely. Someone has managed to articulate my very being in a mere five words. The sum of a million activities, process and thoughts was just five words. I seem to have finally understood and accepted that these five words describe my being in its entirety. The snippet of five words is given below

“Neurotic exploration of meaningless detail”

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