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Work, life and more

Life brings to us a multitude of good, bad and neutral experiences. It is left to us to decide on how to deal with each of these experiences. I have always been adept at choosing the most erroneous methods of dealing with life. And, I am proud of that singular achievement. One of these was my decision to join a bank (read Standard Chartered Bank) when all I knew about banking was that Habib Bank’s Rupee Travelers cheques can not be stolen and can only be redeemed at a branch of Habib Bank. Then I insisted that I wanted to work for the risk function at the time of our placements as management trainees; enter Collections. And to top all of these off, when I was recruited through the Central Superior Services for the Federal Bureau of Revenue on Basic Pay Scale Grade 17, I excused myself, because of the seemingly better opportunities that were going to be provided by Standard Chartered.

Receiving this email means that you know me, and that means that you know that I am bound, and apt, to ramble, but, for this one last time (from this address at least) you must bear with me.

All in all my stay at SCB has been a comedy of errors. The good kind. And I can only hope that more, like me, get to experience the wonder of this organization.

There were periods of excitement, some even at four in the morning. There were periods of dejection, usually at eight in the morning. There were periods of happiness, after receipt of letters and documents. There were periods of sorrow, mostly after parting with colleagues and friends. But, most of all, there were periods of profound shock and bewilderment, about thirteen times a day. There were too many periods with a smorgasbord of ensuing effects to enumerate or define.

Like all good things end in due course of time, my stay at SCB has come to an end.

I would not list people I want to remember or thank. Having received this mail means you are already in this list. I have received from each of you and only hope that I have given to you as well. There are some from whom I have received a great amount and I hope that you know that if I was not able to thank you earlier on, I am doing so now.

And now, let us get back to life; to the great adventure in uncertainties and surprises. Forever more. I am off to far pavilions and places where I can once more state,

gar firdaus ba roo e ZameeN ast

hameeN ast, hameeN ast, hameeN ast

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