Lipstick Jungle and the Ilk thereof

Work, life and more

(The saga continues)

I hate Sex and the City. And I hated the movie more than, oh so much more than, I hate stupid people. That is saying a lot. Listening to four grown women crib about how their lives are turning out, whilst they try very hard to sabotage every good thing happening in their lives is a tad bit too much to be palatable. I would rather go to my aunt’s house and tell her that despite our agreement on not discussing her life any more, she can continue. I would at least have the good fortune of being in the company of rivers of tea and mountains of biscuits to assuage my apathy. Maybe this is why I am not going to watch the Lipstick Jungle, despite Brook Shields and all.

What I want to ask is what happened to the good old American comedy shows? The Frasiers, Friends, Sienfelds and 3rd Rock from the Suns. What happened to them? I want them. Despite all the judgments passed on 3rd Rock, I think it is an amazing show. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should buy my complete collection on low quality DVDs and see it. A feast for the scientific brain. Trust me.

Nowadays I am watching Scrubs, and Brothers and Sisters. And I have already decided to love and hate characters according to how I feel about them. The list has been made. As expected, it is an Excel sheet that can allow quick sorting and pivot report generation of the characters. And, in each of the two shows I have decided upon my character. I have even had a mock fight with one of the characters on the show. My shrink says that it is a good practice that will bring me somewhat closer to real life.

On that note, have you seen the Blackadder series. If you have then we can share the glow of perfection. If you have not, then stop reading this, leave what you are doing, get up, go to the nearest movie / tv show store, buy it, and watch in over the weekend. And I mean it!

Oh, and yes, Omer, Good Show!

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