Partial Eclipse of the Brain

Yours truly was overly excited about the great natural phenomenon which is a solar eclipse. Since I had been very bad the past one year, Santa decided to provide only half of my wishes and I was blessed with a partial solar eclipse. Viewing the eclipse became a severe obsession at 1158 hours today and due to lack of any preparation I was very under equipped for the phenomenon. I love using that word.

So, after a quick search about the office for anything pertinent, I, in a state of frenzied psychosis, ran to the roof. This, in my opinion, was the closest location to the Sun accessible to me. Once there, the search for useful equipment was started anew. Finding coloured glass was the cause of great jubilation and happiness. Mild gasps of amazement and amusement were witnessed as well.

After overlapping 10 such glasses I was finally able to see the sun in it’s glory, with a black disk at the bottom. Good good. And with a mixed plate of feelings ranging from excitement, to elation, to fear and to a feeling of immense connectedness to the universe, I gazed in awe at the glorious phenomenon.

And then I got to thinking that if the sun is a brain, and it is half eclipsed, then it would be just like a partial eclipse of the brain. Which is exactly what ruminating over the past one hour has been my opinion of my reaction to the solar eclipse. And probably even my whole life.

Also, it is also a very strong allegory for the state of Pakistan. The under utilization of gray matter is hardly something to be stressed. It is virulently evident wherever one goes. Ah, well! (To be read only up to the entirety of the words reproduced here) Magar Guzaarnay Waalon Kay Din Guzartay Hain.

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