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Faiz Sahab

I have always been absolutely in awe of Faiz Sb. So have most Pakistanis interested in poetry or politics or literature or aesthetics. He is the one aesthetic idol which we all worship for the beauty that he creates through … Continue reading

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w w w

Not the world wide web and the glories of the Information Age; rather, What women want. Recent excavations at the city of Pomplaneum in central Italy have unearthed an engraved tablet which contains the first few lines of a groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Daagh Daagh Ujala

So, there was another 14th August today. 63 years after Pakistan came into existence. East Pakistan was lost in 1971 because an excessively colonial attitude, bigotry, militarism and apathy towards the plight of compatriots. Kashmir was partially lost in 1948 … Continue reading

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August Mubarak

I expected a pre 14 August post where I would be gushing and beaming with happiness. But, I have already lost faith in the country and its future because of all the violence at individual and communal levels rife in … Continue reading

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Convergence and Angelina Jolie

* This post may include references and spoilers for the movie “Salt”. Please proceed only if you have seen the movie, or intend not to. Fortunate men get to acquire knowledge. Even more fortunate are men who get to apply … Continue reading

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