Faiz Sahab

I have always been absolutely in awe of Faiz Sb. So have most Pakistanis interested in poetry or politics or literature or aesthetics. He is the one aesthetic idol which we all worship for the beauty that he creates through words. Some admire the flow of his poetic words, some admire the wisdom of his thoughts, and some end up forgiving Pakistan for all her sins simply because she managed to give birth to Faiz and may also do something as delectably similar in the future.

Pakistanis are generally quite education and knowledge phobic. Anyone able to conduct a proper conversation in full complete and proper language without infusion of multiple languages or slang words is considered effeminate, weak, and sterile and I should not have to say that all these qualities are not seen in a very positive light in Pakistan.  In our offices we prefer street smart and witty people to intelligent and hard working people. In our homes we prefer conformists and conservatives to freethinking and liberalism. In our lives we prefer mediocrity and fate to excellence and effort. Despite all of this one does end up hearing Faiz Sb being recited, sometimes in the oddest of places from the unlikeliest of people.

Faiz Sb has the special ability to calm us when we are excited, to sooth us when we are hurt, or nurture us when we are ripe and to mellow us when we are inert. He will change you as a person the moment you start reading. I wanted to write here that his poetry is understood by all because of my opinion of his vocabulary, but alas I have seen one too many examples to think otherwise. So, we read and quote on a regular basis, in regular times.

It is only in the times of crisis; political, economic or social; when every word and every swirling poetic construct resonates with us. It is then that we are in love with Faiz, as individuals and as a nation.

So, as expected, I have seen an outpouring of Faiz from all people through facebook, emails, conversations, and the media. It means that we are in a state of crisis. And it means that we have found the eternal of medium of Pakistani communication: Faiz Sb.

Lets hope that we have the ability to listen to reason and come out the stronger from this crisis.

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  1. ho says:

    You used to have a poetry collection here, hopefully it will come back one day.

  2. Rehan says:

    Nice article

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