Ok, I promised myself I will not unload myself on Facebook. But Fahd has gone to Singapore, Hussain & Azer & Saad are in a different time zone, and calling Ahmed is extremely expensive and I need my daily dose of twenty minutes of sharing shock and horror on things with someone who shares my weltanschauung. So I will give a list of twenty things that have irritated me to the hilt,

1 – The declining usage of Khuda Hafiz vis a vis Allah Hafiz showing how the values of the nation have changed and how our cultural depth is not being passed on from one generation to another.

2 – The excessive usage of perception management in our work places showing how little importance is being given to competence, hard work, loyalty and intelligence.

3 – The excessive ubiquity of bribery and corruption which show the complete lack of morals in our society coupled with a general adoration for quick fixes and easy riches.

4 – The nearly complete cultural death of our society where everyone with a cultural bent has to learn culture anew without having the benefit of the depth of millennia of our society.

5 – The general opposition to Science and knowledge in our society either in the garb of it being against Islam or simply as a celebration of our mind numbing lack of education.

6 – The overall high level of intolerance and bigotry in our society signifying the lack our society’s ability to understand that differences without and without us are natural and not threats.

7 – The common practice of contact management and nepotism in our work cultures which precludes anyone with talent from striving towards perfection and or hard work.

8 – The slow and creeping dumbing down of our youth being aggravated by the absolute lack of positive material in the media and the misplaced concepts of coolness.

9 –  The depressed role of women in our society and our propensity to not educate our daughters and then try to squash each and every germ of ability and excellence in them.

10 – The crippling class system which in our society is even more dangerous than the caste system because it condemns the creative genius of millions to the guillotine only to allow the few to propagate their generations.

11 – The in crowd and the in industries and communities who get a disproportionate share of attention and importance and end up being the source of emulation for the rest of the idiots.

12 – Left blank on purpose.

13 – The slow and steady Arabization of our society and the pronunciation of Allah and the emulation of ideals currently in practice in only other states.

14 – The public nature of Xenophobia and the general hatred of the west and India despite millions living in those states and owing all to those states yet still displaying disloyalty to these very states.

15 – Excessive incompetence and mediocrity in our work places which is forgiven due to a multitude of reasons and there is no reason to strive for perfection or betterment.

16 – The completely, absolute and all pervading worship of mammon in our society to the exclusion of all other things that are beautiful in our lives and in our world.

17 – The national obsession with the philosophy of kiss up kick down where we treat everyone below us as animals and idolize beyond sense anyone above us ad nauseum.

18 – The complete permeation of hypocrisy and duplicity in our personal and public lives where we lie to ourselves and to others about who we are and most of us use religion to conceal this hypocrisy.

19 – The media of our country which is as disgustingly dysfunctional as its politicians where journalists knowingly create products of lower quality and good channels like Dawn have to fall from grace to increase viewership.

20 – The absolute lack of people following traffic laws and rules even if they are highly educated and seemingly civilized and the complete absense of traffic police enforcing the same even when it happens in front of their eyes.

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One Response to Jahalat

  1. Oosman says:

    Dude this is amazing!!!
    seems like you are speaking my mind 🙂
    being a pakistani, i wrongly decided to indulge in photography and music. As i grew older, music became my life. As i am reaching 26 i quit my job and am leaving the country.
    Honesty, corporate governance, business ethics and fair dealings are things of the past.
    You are absolutely right. I would go a step further that we’ve stooped so low as to be called a nation of idiots governed by idiots.

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