Nawab ud Daulah Nizam ul Mulk Aala Hazrat Shams ud din Muhammad Altamash Hai Khan Bahadur Yar Jung;

Altamash; Psychotic; Arranger; Passionate; Excited; Moron; Perceiving; Vile; Gourmand; Scientific; Opinionated; Gikian; Insane; Mature; Fat; Confused; Extrovert; Serene; Aesthete; Rude; Artistic; Idiosyncretic; Evil; Intense; Enjoyable; Achiever; Nervous; Infantile; Inharmonious; Sensing; Diplomatic; Thinking; Sarcastic; Ugly; Genius; Acrid

Born 19 September 1980. Started thinking somewhere around 15 October 1980. Based on personal understanding of being slower than other people. Started talking somewhere around September 1981. I would have had an actual date if my parents had kept a baby book. Started writing in 1996. Started blogging in 2002. This is my first proper personal website and it is being published on the 05th of August 2010.

Engineer by education, civil servant by examination and banker by profession.

Emails can be sent at aala hazrat at gmail dot com.


2 Responses to Aalahazrat

  1. Bohat mayaari likhai hai aap kee.
    aap k husn zann say bahut mutaasir huway hain hum.
    kosish karaingay k hum bhee “zaanu e tallamuz ta”y kar sakayn.


  2. Bahut hi Khubsurat Writer imam Ahmad Raza khan fasilaye braielvy Zindabad

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