Pakistan Curriculum Project

This is a personal project that I have taken up as a challenge.

This project entails the development of a complete schooling curriculum for Pakistani students.

One might ask why; the answer would be the following story. The other day my cousin was over for afternoon tea and spicy health destroying tid bits. I was playing with her nineteen month old son when I started thinking about how the child is so clean and impressionable right now. I started thinking about what my educating responsibility as an uncle was. And going further, what was the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the parents and the teachers and the education system? How do we educate this young boy to help him on the eternally human journey towards the achievement of perfection. That is when I started thinking about the topic of education and teaching.

Human civilization is in a continuous state of development. There have been different stages or states of technological, sociological and psychological development of the human civilization. Millions upon billions of human being have contributed to the great human journey. This journey that has taken hunter / gatherers from the plains of Africa to technically advanced urban dwellers who travel to the moon. This is just the technological aspect of the journey. There are many different aspects and there are many different ways in which people are making a difference to the level of sophistication achieved by human civilization. We, the people of today, are great and powerful, because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

And we must ensure that the generations to come also stand on high and mighty shoulders, that we will help to build today.

How does one ensure that the coming generations will be able to utilize all the aspects of modern human civilization to the highest level? Through proper education. Not just in the understanding of the civilization and its knowledge but also in the development of responsibility and aspiration amongst the education.

The flame has be brought by many hands to ours, we must pass it on, and give instructions that it must be kept aflame and passed on with a greater light and a greater meaning.

This here is a minor contribution in this effort. It is a schooling curriculum for three years of pre school and twelve years of primary, middle and high school.

Details of the project can be found by clicking the links given below,

This project includes
Aims and objectives
Selection of subjects
– Curriculum manuals
– Student coursebooks
– Teacher coursebooks
– Parent coursebooks


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