Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to create a curriculum for Pakistani students that will cater to their needs for a schooling period of fifteen years, this includes three years of pre school and twelve years of primary, middle and high school.

There are two basic ideas that must be discussed as an introduction to this project and all material should be viewed in light of these ideas. The first is the rationale of this project / curriculum and the second is the aims / objectives of this project / curriculum.

The rationale of the need of this project / curriculum, more so a critique of the current system, is given below,

a – Current education philosophy is based on the needs of a colonizing power to maintain a colony. The end result of the process is supposed to produce workers who will be able to run the administration of the country; not all rounded citizens who will shape the future of the nation.
b – Current curriculum is geared towards spreading of literacy and not spreading of education. This is based on the existing literacy situation as well, but locations where literacy is no longer an issue are also fighting the same battle that they have won.
c – Existing schools and teachers aim towards mediocrity rather than creativity and excellence. This is because of he quality of material provided to both the teachers and the students which do not challenge them to exceed their abilities by any major margin.
d – Existing educational system of examinations projects a culture of rote learning. The essence of education is to elevate a human being to a higher plane, and to continue this process ad infinitum. This is only possible if the student learns something new and valuable and is also able to exercise it as a product of knowledge.
e – Existing books and subjects give a very restricted and myopic view of knowledge and information. This is due to the ideological constraints posed by pressure groups on the curriculum and also the lack on interest shown in updating the curriculum.
f – Humanizing topics such as pluralism, tolerance, non violence and environmentalism are not promoted. Again, this is because of ideological constraints posed by pressure groups on the curriculum.

The aims / objectives of this project are given below

This project creates a curriculum; a means of providing a certain form of education to students. The aims of providing this education are as follows,

a – Development of personality and character of individuals by inculcating etiquette, morals and ethics
b – Provision of knowledge and information considered important as an inheritance of the human civilization
c – Preparing individuals to be active, thoughtful and enterprising members of their societies and communities
d – Inculcating a sense of belonging and linkage to the global community and the environment that we live in

One of the central aims of the education provided through this curriculum would be to instill the following within students,

a – Tolerance of other people, beliefs, ideas and cultures
b – Pluralism in family, society and communities
c – Belief in non violence
d – Understanding of fundamental rights that should be exercised
e – Acceptance of fundamental responsibilities that must be accepted
f – Respecting the rights and responsibilities of others
g – Belief in the fundamental principles of equality and justice
h – Civil courage and community responsibility
g – Responsibility towards living things and the environment

The material that has been created in this project has the following aims,

a – Curriculum manuals for teachers, parents and educationists
b – Course books for students that contain texts, exercises, stories and examples
c – Course work books for students to practice the course book material
d – Course books for teachers to explain teaching methods, material and foci
e – Course books for parents to aid in teaching the child in the home environment


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