The number of hours students will spend on studying economics on a yearly basis is given below,

For classes 1 to 4, 20 hours per year, or 0.5 hours each week.

For classes 5 to 12, 40 hours per year, or 1.0 hours each week.

Curriculum Manuals

There will be a total of 12 curriculum manuals for Economics, one for each year, and these manuals are given below.

Economics – Class 1

The curriculum will ensure that students learn the following,

– Money is a medium used to purchase items

– Objects have a certain price required for purchase

– Objects are generally property of someone

– Money is earned through hard work

– Production means making something

– Consumption means purchasing and using something

– Companies are entities owned by people

Teachers will conduct one 0.5 hour class each week. Subject will not have a book for the students, the subject of each class will be shared with them at the particular time. Books will instead be provided to the teachers and the parents of the children before the start of the term.


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