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Ok, I promised myself I will not unload myself on Facebook. But Fahd has gone to Singapore, Hussain & Azer & Saad are in a different time zone, and calling Ahmed is extremely expensive and I need my daily dose … Continue reading

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w w w

Not the world wide web and the glories of the Information Age; rather, What women want. Recent excavations at the city of Pomplaneum in central Italy have unearthed an engraved tablet which contains the first few lines of a groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Convergence and Angelina Jolie

* This post may include references and spoilers for the movie “Salt”. Please proceed only if you have seen the movie, or intend not to. Fortunate men get to acquire knowledge. Even more fortunate are men who get to apply … Continue reading

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Perspective. A rather interesting English word that people from some countries are apt to mispronounce. But words are words, and Mangoes doubly so. One must not judge Mangoes or words by the apparent meaning that they portray, but, one must … Continue reading

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On the academic pursuits of Doctors Murphy, Tang, Iyer, Hamidi

Two questions have baffled mankind since the dawn of time. We must consider ourselves lucky to be living in times when these questions have been answered. Dr Murphy’s (of the Boston Murpheys) eminent “Compendium of Useful and Liberating Information” published … Continue reading

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Good Friends Are Bad Friends

Work, life and more. After talking to a very intellectually sound and intelligent friend I got to thinking about friendship. Previously I was a good friend, I was there for people, I used to enjoy their company and I was … Continue reading

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Stupid Managers Cause Deaths

Studies by a group of Organizational Sociologists at the University of Bournemouth, New Caledonia have shown that people who have a higher IQ than their department / immediate co workers grow faster professionally than the rest of their co workers, … Continue reading

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Delusions of Grandeur

Living in Pakistan one does indeed learn to enjoy the mass psychosis and chaos that has become such an overriding part of our social, economical and political landscape. Telling one of my friends about the military coup a couple of … Continue reading

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