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Partial Eclipse of the Brain

Yours truly was overly excited about the great natural phenomenon which is a solar eclipse. Since I had been very bad the past one year, Santa decided to provide only half of my wishes and I was blessed with a … Continue reading

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Welcomes, farewells and stupidity

Work, life and more Life brings to us a multitude of good, bad and neutral experiences. It is left to us to decide on how to deal with each of these experiences. I have always been adept at choosing the … Continue reading

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Good Friends Are Bad Friends

Work, life and more. After talking to a very intellectually sound and intelligent friend I got to thinking about friendship. Previously I was a good friend, I was there for people, I used to enjoy their company and I was … Continue reading

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Stupid Managers Cause Deaths

Studies by a group of Organizational Sociologists at the University of Bournemouth, New Caledonia have shown that people who have a higher IQ than their department / immediate co workers grow faster professionally than the rest of their co workers, … Continue reading

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